Five Questions to Ask When Choosing Kitchen Countertops

Five Questions to Ask When Choosing Kitchen Countertops

1. What Will The Main Use Of Your Countertop Be?

When you are choosing your kitchen countertop ask yourself what its main use will be. To answer your question, you need to assess and evaluate how you and your family use your kitchen. If you are relatively responsible and cautious when it comes to managing your kitchen, you can invest in a high-quality and bold countertop. However, if you aren’t, then you need to be extra vigilant in picking a scratch and stain-free material.

2. How Much Maintenance Can You Handle?

Most countertop materials come with their own list of upkeep and maintenance demands. On the other hand, many other materials are very resilient and can stand to withstand any extreme conditions. Be honest about how much hard work you are willing to invest into keeping your countertops in top-notch condition.

Many materials such as marble or limestone require sealing at least once a year, whereas wood requires oiling at least twice a year. So, you need to make sure if you are actually willing to meet the demands of the countertop material you are choosing.  

3. What Are The Requirements Of Your Kitchen?

You need to evaluate the size of the countertop you require for your kitchen. You will naturally need bigger countertop slabs, if your kitchen is big. So, make sure that you measure the linear feet and the dimensions of the countertop you will require. This will help you compare different materials. Moreover, it will also help you judge and decide on the material that fits your design and budgetary requirements the best.

4. What Budget Have You Set?

The choice of your countertop material will largely depend on the budget you have set for your kitchen’s renovation. It can be pretty expensive to choose materials such as top-grade granite or marble. Moreover, your kitchen builders will also charge varying amounts depending on the material you want to install. The best solution is to find the ideal countertop material for your kitchen, and then search for a version that aligns with your budget.

5. What Material Do You Want To Choose?

Despite all the other factors, it is your kitchen. You can choose to do whatever you want to! For those who are more concerned with the appearance, the aesthetics of the countertop cannot be ignored. To make your decision, you can list the materials you are most attracted to in a certain order and then match each of these materials with your requirements.


These were some questions to ask when choosing kitchen countertops. Your counter is a huge investment and decision. So, make sure to explore your options before jumping into anything!

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