The Easiest Countertops to Maintain

The Easiest Countertops to Maintain

Your countertop is an integral part of your kitchen. Not only does it make your kitchen aesthetically pleasing, but it also serves various functional purposes. For instance, you use your countertop almost every time you do something in your kitchen. Moreover, countertops take up a rather considerable amount of your kitchen remodeling budget.

If you are remodeling your kitchen, you must know that countertops are available in many different materials. Different countertop materials vary in price and ease of maintenance.

If you are looking for low-maintenance materials, here are the 3 easiest countertops to maintain.


A laminate countertop offers a variety of benefits, making it a good choice for your kitchen. First of all, this material is available in a vast number of colors and patterns. Moreover, not only are laminate countertops highly affordable, but they are also extremely low-maintenance. Laminate countertops have a nonporous surface, which makes them very easy to clean. They don’t require any sealing or refinishing. Most of all, laminate countertops can be replaced at any time due to their low cost!

Solid Surface

You can find multiple solid surface options in the market. However, two of the most popular surfaces are Corian and Soapstone. Solid surface countertops are a great choice because they are pretty easy to maintain. You just need some soap and water to clean them up. Moreover, these resin countertop materials are also pretty stain-resistant. A few other materials, such as acrylic resin and epoxy, are impact and heat-resistant too. If you scratch a solid surface countertop, the pigment often goes through it. However, you can easily sand it out and restore it back to its original form.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is another low-maintenance and great countertop material. It can be wiped off and cleaned with soap and water. Moreover, it doesn’t require any sealing or refinishing. Stainless steel countertops are also stain and heat-resistant.

Choosing the Right Material

The above-listed options are the easiest countertops to maintain. You also have various other options including marble, wood and granite. Even though these options are aesthetically pleasing, they can be pretty high maintenance. For instance, wood looks great, but it isn’t heat-resistant and requires constant oiling and conditioning. Concrete appears very polished and top-notch but requires significant work when it chips.

Ask yourself these questions when you are choosing  a countertop for your kitchen:

  • Which countertop will suit the design scheme?
  • Which countertop requires the least maintenance?
  • Which countertop fits your budget?

If you still can’t figure out which countertop to choose, take help from experts as they can help you make the ideal decision for your kitchen.

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